Despite your best intentions,

most companies struggle to hire women at the top

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 But she's is out there...


We plug diversity into the pipeline and deliver better results 

BossmakeHer seamlessly integrates with recruiting teams to increase gender diversity in any, and every, leadership pipeline at the Director

level and increase likelihood to hire by nearly 20%


We bring deep expertise in technical and

leadership recruiting, as well as DEI, to offer a differentiated model that increases engagement and conversion in a

sophisticated and seamless way.


Our gender-specific reach for Sales, Product, & Engineering Leadership is 300k+

We average 5 - 10 intros within 2 weeks

Our intro to interview ratio is over 90%

We save recruiting teams 50 - 100 hours

And increase likelihood to hire by 20%



And learn how we're helping top-tier companies connection with exceptional diversity talent

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Guaranteeing more women and women of color are hired into top roles

through confidential introductions, hidden job leads, and

bespoke services designed exclusively for women in leadership