Imagine for moment,

how it would feel to finally have an impact-driven role that lights you up,

to take things to the next level,

or simply love work again...

The truth is, you already know the steps you need to take to make it happen.

What you need at your level, is a competitive advantage. 

You don’t need aa social club or more networking events.

You need the right guidance, women-first support, and a proven approach that gets you RESULTS.


BossmakeHer Advantage™

A transformational experience that will take you from feeling curious or stuck,
to clear and confident about where you're headed
and exactly how to get there.

We’ll help you to make your biggest and best move without leaving anything on the table.

You’ll have new clarity on the market and what you’re after, renewed confidence in your positioning and a proven system that gets you the impactful job you want.

That move that will get you unstuck, put you in a position to do meaningful work and give you access to the next career level — all while making you an extra $20K, $50K, $100K a year. 

No more wasted hours ineffectively searching and aimlessly applying to jobs. 

No more money spent on resume writers who have no strategy and don’t understand you. 

No more settling for whatever ‘box’ recruiters choose for you.

Here you’ll find a well-deserved competitive job search advantage you’ve been waiting for.
One -that will forever change your career and your life.

If you’re an executive woman, you’ve probably found yourself saying:“It’s been a while and I just don’t know where to start!”
“The search is exhausting and is taking me nowhere.”
“How can I really stand out in the market?”

I get it – and I know how easy it is to get stuck in this process. You look at your amazing career and you know you want more, but nobody tells you how to get there — and every time you put yourself out there, you end up feeling invisible, with no control over your next step.

The BossmakeHer Advantage™ methodology is designed
for women like you and will show you:

My approach is all about real results and I am committed to providing you with the best kept secret approaches that will help you achieve your greatest potential and purposefully craft the professional path you desire.

Are you ready to GAIN A COMPETITIVE
ADVANTAGE and claim what YOU deserve?

The results blew me away ...

In the US, only 27% of executive roles are filled by women. Shocking. There are many reasons why this is. Not knowing how to position yourself to make that big move is one of them.

It’s time to give yourself a strategic job search advantage, over everyone else.

Shattering Ceilings, Breaking Barriers

Hi, I’m Tracy Saunders.

I learned firsthand that the system wasn’t designed for women like us, so I decided to change it with the BossmakeHer Advantage™


The BossmakeHer Advantage™ isn’t some empty career coaching promise.

And it’s not a social club either.

It’s a complete high-level experience that gives you access to video-trainings, workshops, guidance, accountability and hands-on interactive sessions that help you make progress and get ready to ace your next executive job.

We are all about results.

Joining me on this journey will allow you to build and develop long-lasting skills that will impact your professional life forever.

Through guided steps you will save you time, cut through confusion, and give you a competitive edge in a saturated market.

Imagine how it’d feel to have the right support to confidently own your worth and value.

You were the principal driver of radical change...

the BossmakeHer Advantage™ IS FOR EVERY STAGE OF YOUR SEARCH

It's a guided, customized experience that will set you apart from millions.

Together, we'll cover the key areas that will help you own your worth in the market and take control of you future:


Confidence & Clarity

Using a proven step-by-step process, you’ll learn how your goals align to the market today and discover what’s possible. This process leads to A-ha moments that will inform every step and get you there SOONER!


Powerful Positioning

Once you have clarity on both what you want and how it fits with the market, you’ll learn to position yourself toward your goal. This will help you to own your positioning and get the role you want in a few simple steps.


Perfect Packaging: Refining Your Resume and LinkedIn

Powerhouse women need to stand out from the crowd. With the BossmakeHer Advantage™ you’ll learn to ensure your resume does its job and opens the right doors to executives and executive recruiters.


GTM Strategy

How do you bring it all together and achieve results? We’ll cover the levers you can pull to bypass all the churn, skip the mid-level recruiters, and open the doors that matter to you. We’ll also refine your story and pitch to increase your confidence in every conversation.

Advantage™ members receive:

Packages and pricing

Various options are available, book a call to discover the best fit for your needs.

We’ve partnered with Affirm to allow our clients to set payments amounts of their choosing.

VIP Advantage™ Membership

Get on the November Waitlist

VIP Advantage™ Membership

Get on the November Waitlist

Advantage™ Cohort Membership

Waitlisted through November

VIP Networking Advantage™

Pricing details upon approved application


$4,500 (Save $500)

VIP Advantage™

$5,500 (Save $1,250)

Networking Elite

$7,500 ((Save $3,000)

The Advantage Membership is perfect for you if:

The Advantage Membership is not for you if:

BossmakeHer put me in a position where I had the opportunity to be the shot-caller, and ended up with several offers.

Stop playing small.

This is your chance to change your career forever, live the life you want, and achieve your goals.

Now it’s time for you to fully live up to your professional potential.
Are you ready to take that leap?

Frequently Asked Questions​

Primarily those who earn $150k – $500k and are ready to take action and explore or accelerate their search, starting now.

Those who understand their worth and the ROI of time-savings, fulfillment, and earning potential and are willing to invest in the work

Those with a bias-for-action

Those who value expert, targeted support, by experienced executive search professionals

Those who are committed and flexible

Those who haven’t looked for work in sometime

Those who want to get strategic or accelerate their search

We’ll meet weekly for 3 months then you’ll have Cohort membership and support for a year.

Once you complete the program you’ll also be eligible to receive our Networking Acceleration service that guarantees results.

BossmakeHer is industry agnostic. We help women in all industries make powerful moves. 

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