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7 Things You Need to Take Off Your LinkedIn Profile Asap

Social networking has changed not only the way people act in their personal lives, but also how they engage with each other professionally. In this regard, LinkedIn is one of the biggest tools people are using to promote themselves for their careers. Just as with a traditional resume, a LinkedIn

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Negotiating for Parity — It’s Illegal for Employers to Ask Your Salary History in These 20 states

You’ve probably heard the disheartening statistics about the so-called gender wage gap. In the United States, women overall earn about 18 percent less than men, and women of color, except Asian women, earn between 52 and 62 percent of what white men earn. There is good news, too, though: the pay gap has decreased over time, and many states and companies are actively addressing the discrepancies. Learn what has changed and how this benefits you as a job seeker.

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