Stop Procrastinating Start Networking: Here’s What Successful LinkedIn Networking Looks Like for Women

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LinkedIn is a crucial tool for professionals looking to expand their networks and open up new career opportunities. Simply pressing the “Connect” button might seem straightforward, but it’s the first step in a potentially valuable professional relationship.

Still, navigating LinkedIn can sometimes lead to encounters with superficial connections. You might often receive generic requests from people who seem to be more interested in increasing their number of connections than engaging in meaningful interactions. Some might only reach out when they need something from you, using the platform as a means to an end rather than a way to build genuine professional relationships.

To really gain from what LinkedIn has to offer, it’s crucial to make connections with purpose and sincerity. Stepping away from the pitfall of superficial networking allows you to develop a professional network that not only supports your career objectives but also fosters authentic relationships that are beneficial and rewarding. Here’s how you can refine your LinkedIn strategy to create effective connections that truly make a difference.

3 Game-Changing LinkedIn Networking Strategies for Executive Women

Tip #1: Connect with Sincerity

Your first message on LinkedIn can really set the stage for future interactions. It’s easy to ask immediately for favors or opportunities, but this can come off as self-serving. For example, asking directly, “Can I schedule a time to talk about this role?” or expressing an interest in executive-level opportunities right off the bat might not be the best approach.

Focus instead on the act of connecting. Here’s how you can empower your LinkedIn strategy to make impactful connections: First, identify the types of professionals who can truly influence your career path. Engage with their content sincerely and reach out with personalized messages that show genuine interest in their work. This respectful approach helps create a positive atmosphere, making others more open to forming a connection with you. 

Tip #2: Show Genuine Interest

Before reaching out, spend some time understanding the person you want to connect with. Look through their profile, read what they’ve posted, and learn about their interests and professional activities. This will help you personalize your connection request to resonate more deeply.

Mention something specific that caught your eye in their profile or a post they made that you found interesting. This shows that you have a genuine interest in them as a person, which is a great foundation for any professional relationship.

Tip #3: Engage Authentically

After making a connection, keep the interaction going by engaging with their content. Like, comment on, and share their posts proactively. This keeps you in their thoughts and shows that you value their professional insights.

Sharing their content with your own network can also be a powerful way to show support. It indicates that you find their contributions valuable enough to spread to others, which can significantly enhance their reach and impact. When you share, consider adding a comment about why you find the post compelling or how it aligns with your values or expertise, which reinforces your connection and encourages a more profound conversation.

Pro Tip: Leverage InMail for Impactful Executive Outreach

While free messaging on LinkedIn has its limitations, such as the 300-character limit when adding a message to your connection request, the strategic use of InMail can open more opportunities for executive women. This premium feature allows you to write comprehensive and personalized messages, increasing your chances of capturing the attention of influential leaders, executive recruiters, and key decision-makers within your target companies or industries.

The Anatomy of a Winning Executive Outreach

To illustrate the power of authentic networking, let’s dissect a real-life example of a successful outreach. 

This message, carefully crafted with sincerity and genuine interest, opened the door to a connection with an esteemed industry leader – the SVP of the largest and most successful “search engine company” in the world. 

What’s the secret? Making an authentic connection rooted in shared interests, mutual respect, and a genuine desire to learn and grow together.


Q: How can I ensure my outreach messages resonate with executive-level professionals?
A: Tailor your messages by referencing specific details from their profile, accomplishments, or thought leadership that align with your professional goals and interests. Avoid generic, copy-pasted messages that fail to demonstrate genuine interest and understanding of their expertise.

Q: What if a key decision-maker or executive recruiter doesn’t respond to my connection request?
A: Be patient and persistent, but also respect boundaries. Follow up politely after a reasonable amount of time, and if there’s still no response, move on gracefully while keeping an open mind for future opportunities.

Q: How can I leverage my LinkedIn network to enhance my executive job search?
A: Engage with your connections, sharing your professional goals and expressing interest in learning about potential opportunities. Additionally, research companies and leaders you admire, and leverage your network to facilitate warm introductions or connections.

It’s Your Turn

Ready to put these tips into action? If we aren’t connected on LinkedIn yet, let’s fix that. Visit my LinkedIn profile and send me a connection request using the strategies we just discussed. Let’s not be strangers in the digital world of professional networking.


Networking on LinkedIn is all about strategic, thoughtful engagement. By using these tips—connecting sincerely, showing genuine interest, and engaging authentically—you can turn simple LinkedIn interactions into valuable professional relationships. At BossmakeHer, we’re dedicated to helping you leverage every opportunity to advance your career. Let’s use LinkedIn to its full potential together, creating connections that are not just numerous but meaningful and beneficial. Remember, it’s not just about connecting; it’s about connecting well. Let’s make every connection count!

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