Hire more women at the top.

Women come to BossmakeHer to quietly explore what’s possible – what’s better. That’s why you won’t find them in your ATS, or anywhere else for that matter.

From exploratory networking, to open roles, and board seats, BossmakeHer matches your need to elite, passive talent, from the Director to the C-Suite. 

Start connecting today.

Women in leadership come to us first because they trust us to connect them to the best opportunities for their life and career.

INSTANTLY REACH TOP executive talent at theSE top companieS AND MORE

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Tap into a network of a truly exceptional
women in leadership
you can't find anywhere else.

Rapid, Targeted

Meet passive talent, fast

Diversify your slate with sought-after talent instantly

The women in our network are  discreetly exploring and incredibly selective. We’ll match talent to your roles and make intros to talent you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

2 - 3 Months

Strategic Pipelining

Powerful, proactive pipelining

Hiring diversity begins with nurturing relationships but your recruiting teams are swamped. Top talent wants to be truly valued. As their advocate our proactive networking gives you a competitive advantage that other companies don’t have. 


Close the Gap

Partner or Sponsor

Support us as we close the gender equity gap by inspiring diverse executive women to ascend in their careers. Your partnership includes social media announcements, job and networking features, and allows us to sponsor high-potential diverse talent.

83% of women feel recruitment is biased in favor of men .
We're here to rebuild trust.

BossmakeHer advocates for women in leadership, enhances trust, and increases engagement in an evolutionary way.

Here's what they're saying...

My company was recruiting and I wanted to amplify the message to target specific groups with diversity in mind.

I sent a message over the weekend, heard back before Monday, and within hours, we were activated. We saw a jump in our diverse pipeline and BMH was able to give me metrics on reach and responses, not mention, amazing introductions.

Tracy K, VP Product


Love the company’s mission, particularly in technology, often find myself amongst the few women in leadership roles. Mentorship and sponsorship of women in data and tech is one of my passions, would like to see how I can make more of an impact. Looking forward to chatting with you about your clients.

– Individual Member

Our Mission:

Close the gender leadership gap.

Founded by Tracy Saunders, an executive recruiter, and start-up CEO, along with several influential advisors at the world’s leading companies, BossmakeHer was created to connect executive women to companies outside of traditional systems and mass job boards. It’s direct, fast, discreet  — and it works.

Statistically, for women, it’s lonely at the top. That makes it harder for women to network the way men do. We've created a better, low-risk approach to support senior-level women who want to quietly explore their options.

BossmakeHer is a new pathway that will catalyze change for women and the companies who recognize their value.

–Tracy Saunders, CEO, BossmakeHer

More than partners. Advocates.

Engage with a niche network of talent who's ready to explore

  • Access the Network
  • Networking Events
  • Sponsored Jobs and Content
  • Referral Campaigns
  • Ongoing Pipelining + Proactive Matching
  • Guest Speakers
  • Outplacement Services

I've worked with a lot of companies but right out of the gate you've connected me to the best talent by far.

FORTUNE 500, Enterprise Data Analytics
Organization / Partner

Why BossmakeHer?


of WOMEN believe that recruiting is biased in favor of men.

We’re reducing risk and skepticism to increase engagement.


of TOP HIRES are made via REFERRALS.

We’re expanding the network effect outside traditional spheres to provide more streamlined access.


of those who EARN over $200K are hired through applicant tracking systems.

It's time to evolve to meet her needs.

Have a question or looking for something else?

From search services, to extended partnerships, and the ability to share information with our community...

Frequently Asked Questions

First things first, we’re not a job board or advertising platform. We’re a niche network designed exclusively to privately connect women in leadership to opportunities. 

It’s simple! Just post a job, networking opportunity, or board seat and we’ll share it with our network. You can even keep it confidential if you like.

BossmakeHer is industry agnostic. We help women in all industries make powerful moves. 

Every day our network is growing. As for targeting and mapping, we have access to nearly 500k women in leadership. 

Our members are leaders from the Director-level to the C-Suite, from hyper-growth startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Yes, we do guarantee a certain number of introductions (depending on the market and role). Contact us about the fine print. 

Yes, anyone can post or purchase Pipelining + Mapping or Guaranteed Introductions. However, we only offer partnerships to companies.

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Built in Pittsburgh, serving incredible women and companies around the world. 

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