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BossmakeHer infuses clarity, alignment, and efficiency into the job search process through insider guidance, time-saving custom strategies, and powerful tools so that high-achieving women like you can play bigger, bolder, and braver.


Meet Tracy Saunders - BossmakeHer chief & former executive recruiter for top companies like Amazon, Google, and Cisco with 20+ years of experience

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We’ve worked with HUNDREDS of women leaders from world’s top companies and hyper-growth startups — brilliant women  — all of whom share the same fears and concerns as you:

  • “Can I change industries at this point in my career?”
  • “I’m tired of assimilating, shrinking to fit – how do I land a role where I feel valued?”
  • “Can I find a high-paying role that serves my career goals and my family?”
  • “I like my current company, but there’s no more room for growth – what’s next for me?”
  • “I’ve been overdelivering for years – how do I get paid what I’m worth at my next job?”

In a world designed to accommodate and elevate the careers of men, it can feel like the odds are stacked against you. You know the stats – but now you need a plan.

Our goal is to help high-achieving women like you overcome the external (and sometimes internal) barriers that are holding you back.

It may be lonely at the top, but you’re not alone.


7 Career-shifting Secrets for Executive Women

Start creating an unshakable foundation for an intentional job search journey that will take you places. Uncover how to own your expert status, expand your network, and stay consistently motivated.

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Get the BossmakeHer AdvantageTM

Gain clarity on starting a new job search or accelerate a stalled one. BossmakeHer gives you a unique competitive advantage you won’t find anywhere else.

Access to Our Proven Methodology

Make informed decisions based on our proven methodology that has helped hundreds of women take great strides in their careers. You’ll get access to 40+ hours of live interactive sessions and binge-worthy recorded modules to cover every aspect of your search that you can go through at your own pace.

Customized Strategy and Guidance

Determine where you want to go and how to get there with guided coaching sessions with our highly-sought after job search experts. We’ll cover your goals, needs, and the market to understand what’s possible and strategy, preparation, integration, and anything else that’s top of mind.

Holistic Coaching by Guest Experts

The job search is about far more than a resume, especially as a woman. Take advantage of dedicated sessions on navigating workplace safety, workplace trauma, and emotional processing as a leader as well to find answers to common questions.

Share Experiences with Other High-Achieving Women

You’ll have access to our growing community of incredible women in leadership even after you land so you can network with other trailblazers, build your own sphere of influence, and thrive in your new role without second guessing yourself.

VIP Members Only Exclusive: Networking Acceleration

Get game changing results with a networking campaign customized to your goals. With editable, streamlined, and managed interactions, you can easily connect, send, and receive responses tracked in a simple central dashboard. Our clients see an average of 20 responses from targeted executives and recruiters every week.

Experts for Every Aspect of Your Search

Get coached by only the best and uncover the most LEVERAGED and impactful actions you need to take to reach your goals




Executive coach / EQ / IMPACT







A confident, career-accelerating move is possible no matter where you are on your job search journey

Why Join BossmakeHer?

You're just starting out and looking for a clear road map

Getting clear about your next role and pathway can make a world of difference in landing a win-win role. Remember when you felt like you were in control of your career? You can feel like that again.

You’re actively searching and want more call backs

You’re applying on company websites and even leveraging your personal and professional networks. And while you’re getting some call backs, you know you could do better. The truth is: at the C-suite or Director level, 80% of Hires are made through Networking – not by chatting with a mid-level recruiter or applying online.

You want to ace those interviews

Excelling in these interviews is a fine balance of being candid and strategic, while being unapologetically grounded in your own leadership style. We equip you to navigate these conversations with tact and grace so you can position yourself as the obvious choice.

You’re looking for a unique opportunity

Whether you want a role that feels more aligned with your purpose or wish to bake more flexibility into your work day, it’s possible to land a job that lights you up and pays you substantially more. You deserve to do the work you love and be recognized as the impactful leader you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a free 30-min call to figure out where you are in the job search process, where you want to be, and how we can help you bridge the gap between these points in the most efficient way. Feel free to bring all your questions – we’re happy to answer them in as much detail as possible.

We are industry agnostic but help executive women in nearly every functional area from Sales, to Finance, to HR, Operations, Engineering and more.

While we have extensive networking connections – this isn’t about our network, it’s all about your new one. We create highly personalized go-to-market campaigns using proprietary tools we’ve designed to leverage and extend your existing network while introducing you to aligned executives and headhunters. 

Headhunting agencies serve their company and their client company first. Often the challenge is that working with a headhunter is all about their immediate roles. We help you prepare to go to market and extend your executive connections at volume. It’s really all about what YOU need.

At this level, making the a move priceless. An executive search can take 6  to 12 months — longer for the C-Suite. So give yourself time to reflect on what you truly want and be prepared when the right role becomes available. It’s a competitive market for the highest level roles so we say “get and stay ready” as it’s all about timing.

You’ve always been powerful.

Now it’s time to make those audacious moves unapologetically.



Ang is a highly sought after human capital leader with expertise in multiple areas including conscious leadership development, executive search, business operations, and human behavioral assessment. With over 25 years of experience, she has worked with a range of clients including global Fortune 500 organizations, and professional service firms. Her background includes leading major divisions and lines of business in corporate environments as well.

Ang’s approach is uncommon in that she blends psychology, spirituality, and business in her work. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Social Sciences, she brings a deep understanding of human behavior to her coaching methodology. This allows her to guide corporate clients to develop the conscious leadership skills and mindset needed to succeed with their businesses, teams and stakeholders.


Executive coach

As an Executive coach, leadership specialist, master facilitator, and speaker, Teresa Quinlan is an advocate for exceptional performance that is a direct result of each individual knowing how to be personally responsible for using their attributes, their IQ, and most importantly, their EQ, in reaching their highest potential and applying that potential to a collective goal. Drawing from a cultivated a rich and diverse set of experiences and skills, Teresa launched her my practice IQEQTQ, to coach, mentor, and train others to achieve a foundation of emotional intelligence skills through thought-provoking thinking sessions, workshop experiences, and 1:1 personal coaching.Her approach is compassionate and firm; encouraging a depth of personal exploration, creativity for innovative and effective solutions, and a long-lasting impact that goes beyond the moment and extends into the future. It is within these moments that powerful growth occurs, and new habits emerge that forever alter the future.



Trauma and Psychological Safety Expert Melissa Lapides is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Trauma and Attachment expert and Founder of The SafeSpace Institute. Melissa has worked with hundreds of executives and is an exclusive BossmakeHer expert for our cohort members.

By using her proprietary SAFE Methodology, Melissa helps women to heal their personal and professional relationships and ensure they are leading without perpetuating trauma. Melissa leverages over 15+ years of experience in teaching psychological principles for optimal mental and organizational wellness.



Audra is a personal branding expert and copywriter who helps high-caliber women like you build a stand-out brand on LinkedIn. She works with you as a thought partner to give your LinkedIn profile the ultimate, extreme makeover that exudes credibility and connection.



Hannah provides ambitious professionals with help and hope as they look for new opportunities and maneuver through today’s unfamiliar job search process.