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Welcome to the first network designed to provide hyper-focused job search guidance and confidential introductions to decision-makers so you can make your power move, sooner and without the noise.

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BossmakeHer is the only network designed to give women, Director-level to the C-Suite,
a risk-free competitive career advantage
through exclusive access to our private network and hyper-focused job search guidance and tools.

No more trips to the golf course, aimless virtual conferences, application tracking systems, or mindless conversations with recruiters that never go anywhere.

Hyper-focused Guidance

So you can cut through the noise and break through sooner

Get access to our proven step-by-step process, networking services, and connections so you can reduce confusion, missteps, and achieve strategic results.


So you can skip the massive job boards and mid-level recruiters

And gain direct access to exclusive jobs and networking opportunity alerts. Review hidden leads from hiring decision-makers who understand and value women at your level.

Women First, Women Only

So you can break through systemic and self-limiting beliefs

BossmakeHer is for action-takers,  achievers, and allies. Create meaningful connections with women at your level, on a similar mission. Every woman that joins our network is vetted and committed to positivity and success.   

Completely Confidential

Leave risk at the door

Step into our premier custom network where all conversations are designed to help you explore career moves or accelerate your job search. It’s all highly confidential and fiercely protected.

BossmakeHer opened my eyes to a number of unadvertised roles in the market. By leveraging their networking offer, I talked to several companies that had roles they were "secretly" recruiting for. Getting my foot in the door early allowed me to shape the roles to include the seniority and responsibilities that I wanted. BossMakeHer put me in a position where I had the opportunity to be the shot-caller and ended up with several offers.

Bossmakeher integrates private coaching, networking, and executive services. With our help, you’ll have the resources you need, as a woman, to achieve your next step.

Today, only 26% of leadership roles are held by women – no matter how educated or qualified they are. We're changing that.

Here's What They're Saying...


BossMakeHer offers experienced executive women a confidential, safe place to pursue their next job.

1. Connect

Join thousands of other powerhouses who receive our insights and have access to our private forum, newest features, members, and connectors.

2. Explore

Leave the generic advice, mid-level recruiters, and the masses behind. Our resources, experts, and opportunities are customized for Director and VP-level women.

3. Accelerate

Exclusively for diverse and accomplished female leaders who want to explore, uplevel, and own their worth at work. Improve your life or change the world — it all starts here.

Get coached & connected to executives and experts who can help you reach your next career goal or navigate a strategic job search:


Designed exclusively for women at the Director level and above.

Join the Community

  • Explore what’s possible — step inside and learn how you can make your power move
  • Meet other supportive, powerful women on a similar mission in a private setting
  • Get hidden job leads and custom insights delivered right to your inbox
  • Choose your own path based on your goals

Hyper-Focused Guidance

  • Know exactly what to do and when to do it 
  • Overcome your self-limiting beliefs and increase your confidence
  • Take advantage of  our proven  step-by-step formula that’s helped the world’s leading women make achieve life-changing career success
  • 1:1 Coaching plus impactful guided small group sessions

Networking Acceleration

  • Our unique, proprietary networking service is designed to deliver results 
  • 1:1 dedicated campaign manager and strategist 
  • Auto-pilot system. Show up and see who’s waiting to hear from you.
  • Weekly calls with executives who are interested in YOU
  • 100% Guaranteed results


*Specifically designed for ambitious women from Director level to C-Suite executive who are ready to take action.*

Meet Tracy Saunders

Founder and Chief BossmakeHer

Shattering Ceilings, Breaking Barriers

I learned firsthand the system wasn’t designed for women like us so I decided to change it. —Tracy Saunders, CEO

As the industry’s leading job search strategist for women, published author, and 20-year veteran recruiter, Tracy Saunders left her corporate career as an executive recruiter for top companies like Amazon, Google, and Cisco, to found BossmakeHer — a new sphere of influence for women that enables powerful career moves. 

I’ve worked with HUNDREDS of women in leadership at the world’s top companies — brilliant women who run billion-dollar portfolios all of whom share the same fears and concerns as you. We designed BossmakeHer to change the game for women who are ready to take action, own their story, and stop settling. Our goal is to give you, as a woman, a unique advantage over millions of others without all the noise. And to help high-achieving women overcome the internal and external barriers that are holding you back. Whether you’re exploring or actively looking, I want you to know what to do and when to do it, so you can land a job you love and earn the pay and respect you truly deserve.


We believe in intros, not applications.

Meet members and decision-makers at these companies.

See all jobs and networking opportunities.


Now it's time to make your move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our network is created specifically to support women from the Director-level to the C-Suite who want to break through systemic barriers and self-limiting beliefs to explore new opportunities or accelerate their careers. 

BossmakeHer 3 different paths designed to help you explore or accelerate your search.

Executive Networking Acceleration

Your networking campaign is hand-crafted and managed by our team. It’s perfect for busy executives who want a custom, targeted, powerful solution to generating conversations.  

1:1 Job Search Coaching:  

Work with Tracy Saunders directly to fix or accelerate your search using a proven step-by-step methodology that is exclusive to BossmakeHer.

The Network: 

A strategic community designed to help each other win at making moves. Stay anonymous or go public. You’ll also receive guidance on every aspect of your search. Get on the waiting list. 


While our community is exclusively for women in leadership, we strive to create an inclusive community within that niche and that starts with our approval process. If you identify as a woman, this community is for you. If you identify as nonbinary and femme, this community is for you.

BossmakeHer is industry agnostic. We help women in all industries make powerful moves. 

Just because you want to explore what’s out there doesn’t mean you should put your current role at risk. You’ll have the power to decide how anonymous or public you’d like to be in the community. And our community guidelines include confidentiality to ensure a safe space for women to network and learn about the market. If you’re actively seeking a new role, keep your information public. If you want to quietly explore, you can stay anonymous.

No, employers don’t have access to our network. Suffice to say, a lot of our users are executives like you and are hiring.  That’s why we’ve designed BossmakeHer to put you in control. If you want others to see your details, set your profile to public. If you want to remain anonymous and explore confidentially you can do that, too. If we find a match for you, we’ll always reach out to you first to see if you want to be connected.


No risk, all reward.

Receive hidden executive job leads
you can't find anywhere else from companies who recognize your value. When you subscribe you'll also receive private priority matching by our team.

Your information will be kept completely confidential.