The truth is you don't have to settle anymore.

Now you can explore your options in a private setting, with other women on the same mission. 


You deserve more and  YOU CAN HAVE IT. But you have to be strategic.


I'm Tracy Saunders, the industry's leading job search strategist for women, Founder of BossMakeHer, published author and 20-year veteran recruiter for companies like Google and Amazon.

I created this group program to help you make your power move and  explore your options outside of traditional, high-risk search and networking models.


Take your power back.

BossMakeHer was created to help you make your power move, and confidentially explore your options, outside of traditional, high-risk search and networking models.


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Confidentially explore your options, network with other accomplished women, receive hidden opportunities you won't find anywhere else. 


Transform your career journey from "this is what I'm thinking" to "here's where I'm headed" with job search strategist and CEO, Tracy Saunders

The results blew me away: I went from zero replies to an inbox flooded with interview invites, or straight out offers. Seriously… if you want to land a job that makes you (and your family) happy, invest in yourself… if you’d like to skip days wasted hoping and praying for a response - do it. There were so many things I had no idea about and once I talked to Tracy, everything changed!

Stephanie, Partner Investments & Incentives, Microsoft


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