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After reading this you might be thinking...

"But wait, there's a global pandemic happening."


"But Tracy, I’m applying to ALL of the positions and nothing happens." 


"I’ve already spent $1,000+ on my resume."


"I haven’t looked for work in 10 YEARS!"


"What if my company finds out?"


And of course, this one:


"There's too much bias."

We get it.

That's why we created BossMakeHer

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Private Coaching

Work directly with Tracy Saunders, the industry's leading job search advisor for accomplished women at the Director+ level.

October Workshops

Make Your Power Move with our live workshop series in October. Join our Founder as she walks you through every aspect of your executive search.

Who's It For?

BOSSMAKE/HER only allows Director + corporate professionals with an open, inclusive mindset.  We keep things intimate to ensure values within the community are aligned. We help each other make rewarding career moves when the time is right, on your terms.

How It's Different

Whether you're just exploring or ready to make a powerful move, prepare yourself with a step-by-step system and community of support.

What Are The Benefits to a Strategic Search?

More clarity and less confusion about where you're headed with your search

Knowing exactly where to start and what to do

Confidence in messaging while networking

An understanding of how to powerfully position yourself

Expert guidance every step of the way

And so so much more...

The Backstory

The truth is, the system wasn't designed for us, and it hasn't evolved. And I was super frustrated.

I'm Tracy Saunders, the industry's leading job search and strategist for women, Founder of BossMakeHer, published author and 20-year veteran recruiter.

I left my corporate career as an executive recruiter for companies like Amazon, Cisco and Google, to create job search solutions that actually MOVE THE NEEDLE for women.

I’ve worked with HUNDREDS of women in leadership at the world’s top companies — brilliant women who run billion-dollar portfolios, who share the same fears and concerns, as you. Women who are ready to take action, own their story — to stop settling and seize their search.




What work last year won't work anymore.

And I want to help more women implement my system and connect with one another.


BUT I can only take a handle of private clients per month.

So I'm taking everything I know and rolling that knowledge into various workshops, where you'll have access to me, guidance on your search.


I'm not an executive coach or a career coach, I'm an insider — a recruiter, turned thought-leader who's worked for some of the world's most elite companies.


I know how companies recruit and hire you. In fact, I actively run searches for corporate clients, so I know your specific challenges.


When I coach private clients, I reverse engineer their job search using my step by step system, all from a recruiting perspective — something you won't find anywhere else. And that's why I created BossMakeHer.

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Break free from the job search noise and confusion and that's costing you time and lost opportunities

BossMakeHer is for you if...

Your search is stuck and you need solutions to create momentum

You're facing unique challenges with your search

You're getting through certain phases of your search just fine but can't make it through others

You understand the executive search process can be LONG  and you'd want to shorten the process

You've invested in your resume or LinkedIn and it doesn't seem to be moving the needle

You have specific questions, need guidance, or an ally, etc.

You're entirely frustrated, overwhelmed, or annoyed with your search

You're ready to take real action that doesn't involve another online course

Don't Call It a Dream, Call It a Plan

Kick start your strategic job search with this insightful live workship

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"I consider this an investment worth at least half a million dollars which is my next salary plus equity. Having support that will get me there faster is a no brainer."

Michelle, VP of Sales

The results blew me away: I went from zero replies to an inbox flooded with interview invites, or straight out offers. Seriously… if you want to land a job that makes you (and your family) happy, invest in yourself… if you’d like to skip days wasted hoping and praying for a response - do it. There were so many things I had no idea about and once I talked to Tracy, everything changed!

Stephanie, Partner Investments & Incentives, Microsoft

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