A Confident High-Powered Move
is Possible...

It's Believing You Can, That's Hard



Focused exclusively on helping leading women make power moves on their terms

1:1 Consultations

You'll receive 2 one-on-ones with me. We'll start with biggest tasks and challenges on your to-do list. First, we'll make sure your resume and LinkedIn are doing the work they need to do to make you as competitive as possible and address any unique challenges.

Bi-Weekly Trainings

I'll walk members through everything related to your search and we'll go in-depth on positioning, messaging, market research, and networking. Here you'll receive custom insights, proven step-by-step plans, templates that I usually reserve for my exclusive private clientele.

Weekly Group Q&As

Vent, rant, share the love, ask for help, give help, and most of all be honest. We're tackling a lot together and you'll receive honest feedback on where there is room for improvement, what needs to be done, and we'll celebrate the wins together, too.

What titles and levels are our members?

Senior Vice President, Sales

Senior Director, Product Management

Chief Revenue Officer

Head of Consumer Insights

Yes, I know you've heard it all before.   Me, too.

Here's how I'm actually very different.

I'm a recruiter, turned job search advisor who's worked for some of the world's most elite companies (ie, Google, Amazon). I know how companies recruit and hire you. In fact, I actively run searches for corporate clients.

I work with ambitious women who are ready to OWN their next step. Too good to be true? Let's find out. Know where you're headed, let's make a plan. Need to talk it through and take it at your own pace? Join the community.

But whatever you do, taking action today, will give you a competitive advantage over millions.


Receive on-demand, hidden job leads, confidential networking opportunities, and bespoke job search services to support bold moves.


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