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The career shifting experience that enable executive women to explore and make
life-changing moves with proven results.

Skip the social club. Can the conferences.

Ditch the mid-level recruiters. We've cracked the code so executive women can make transformative career moves.

When you work with BossmakeHer you step into an intentional, career shifting experience that will provide you with a custom strategy, step-by-step system, and expert support for every aspect of your search.

Access expert, hyper-focused guidance for every aspect of your career exploration or search, including:

Multiple weekly personalized strategy sessions

Guest experts to cover every aspect of your executive search (from the emotional aspect all the way to your resume)

Monthly BMH Huddle

Step by step guided proven process and personalized planner with planner based your goals and needs

Priority matching and introductions

Private community for collaboration, celebration & connection networking templates, tools, scripts, exclusive discounts, + more

What we can do together in a single program is incredible, but what we can do LIVE together is absolutely mind-blowing!!

The context is to give you a career advantage. It’s about taking action in a way that will give you an edge in the market, clarity on what’s possible, and a clear path to get there.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do
and when to do it, so you can
earn what you deserve, feel more valued,
and have more impact.

No more waiting and wondering. Understand your value in the market and land a role that lights you up — on your terms — in a supportive, results-driven setting. 

Our proven, proprietary methodology covers the following topics:

Clarity — Getting crystal clear on your goals and needs

Aligning to the market —  Assessing and aligning in the market

Positioning — So you can uplevel, accelerate, and earn your worth

Insider secrets and custom feedback - Keys to making a move worth $10s of thousands to millions more

Powerful Packaging — Game-changing Resume and LinkedIn strategies

Go to market strategy — Perfect your pitch and explore the proprietary networking system we use to help our clients land weekly conversations with executives and more

I would have never landed this role without BossmakeHer. 100% hands down the best career decision I’ve made. The experience exceeded all of my expectations. – VP Product Member

You don't have to settle for a toxic culture,
inequitable pay, or work that doesn't light you up.

Beyond inspiration, we deliver results.

Here's what they're saying:

Working with Tracy and BossmakeHer is transformational for any woman looking for clarity, guidance and discipline as she takes the next step in her career. In my time working together, I benefited from the knowledge of positioning and the job market to ultimately find, land and vet a job that perfectly achieved what I was looking for next. However, I'm also moving forward with better knowledge of how to approach a job search, how to package myself and how to continue to build and expand my network. Also, the time spent with Tracy not only helped me get the role I have now, but will absolutely help me map out longer-term career decisions and I know I'll be calling her again in the future. I couldn't recommend working with BossmakeHer more highly.

VP, Customer Success

I've grown exponentially from working with BossmakeHer...

Tracy and BossmakeHer encouraged me (forced me) to think not only bigger but strategically, about my next career move. Their understanding of the inner workings of the machines controlling many job listings, as well as the importance of maintaining and using professional networks, was key for me landing my current position. BossmakeHer's a valued resource in my corner, and I've grown exponentially from working with them.

Vice President, Marketing

Working with you was the highlight of my year.

Your planned approach and weekly support are super valuable - made me focus on the important aspects of my search and kept me accountable each week. I recommend BossmakeHer to anyone looking for new opportunities!

Head of CX & Research

The results blew me away: I went from zero replies to an inbox flooded with interview invites, or straight out offers. Seriously… if you want to land a job that makes you (and your family) happy, invest in yourself… if you’d like to skip days wasted hoping and praying for a response - do it. There were so many things I had no idea about and once I worked with BossmakeHer everything changed!

Global GTM Lead

BossmakeHer is how we'll truly breakthrough...

The entire team really cares about their clients and it shows in their interactions and support. Tracy's experience and passion shines through in all she does and I also appreciated her innovative focus in leveraging new technologies to support my search.

EVP, Sales

Thanks again for your encouragement!

I would have never gone after this role if it wasn't for you.

Chief People Officer

Don't try to do it on your own...

There will be days where you second guess why you are putting yourself out there and trying for the next step in your career, or the next job. It's an incredibly vulnerable position to be in and having someone in your corner makes it way easier. And having a step-by-step method was a game-changer. I knew exactly what to do and was gently kept accountable for doing it! If you're looking for real results BossmakeHer can help you achieve them.

SVP, Sales

You want BossmakeHer in your back pocket...

You want BossMakeHer in your back pocket as you navigate the tricky waters of a job search. It gave me confidence and permission to go after the job I wanted and gave me invaluable hacks on how to do it. After just one session, I was getting way more interviews and job offers! Stop procrastinating. You’ll be glad you did. This was the best decision I ever made!

Marketing Comms Leader

BossMakeHer put me in a position where I had the opportunity to be the shot-caller, and ended up with several offers.

BossmakeHer opened my eyes to the number of unadvertised roles in the market. By leveraging her tips and expanding my network, I talked to so many companies that had roles they were "secretly" recruiting for - and getting my foot in the door early allowed me to shape the roles to include the seniority and responsibilities that I wanted. BossMakeHer put me in a position where I had the opportunity to be the shot-caller, and ended up with several offers.

VP, Customer Success

Through BossmakeHer's networking acceleration program my connection requests went up to 90% in one day!

Two of the networking roles did turn in to offers...All in all, the networking conversations gave me a lot more confidence. I was so grateful that so many people were willing to meet and share advice, and I used some of their tips in my search.

Senior Director, Operations / Chief of Staff

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