5 Interview Tips for Women Searching for Executive Positions

Job interviews are nerve-racking, but executive job interviews can be more intense than others. Because executive workers take on a high amount of responsibility, these interviews evaluate many skills. Here are five tips for women searching for executive positions.

5 Interview tips for women searching for executive positions

1. Do your research. First, when it comes to getting hired at an executive level, it is important to do your research on the company you are interviewing with and the people you are speaking to. At this level, hiring decisions often come down to cultural fit and chemistry. Doing some research on LinkedIn or the company website can allow you to understand the interviewer’s background and help create a connection. 

2. Get personal. Next, employers aren’t looking to hire someone who just wants to do a job and get a paycheck. Employers are looking for someone passionate that will fit into the company culture. They’re looking for someone who they would enjoy working with every day. For this reason, it is important to sell yourself as an individual. Be sure to make your conversations feel real, get to know the people you’re interviewing with, and send thank you emails after the interview.

3. Work on your story-telling skills. Storytelling is a great way to show your personality and highlight how well you will fit into the role you are applying for. Stories are also much more memorable. Through a story, you have the opportunity to display your skills in action while potentially putting a smile on the interviewer’s face.

4. Have questions. In every interview, there is a point where the interviewer asks you if you have any questions. This is your opportunity to learn more about the company you may be working for. Don’t hesitate to ask about company culture, the position, and the job expectations. The best way to ask your questions is by mixing them into the conversation. Doing it this way can make you seem more like a colleague, and it will boost your chances of getting the job.

5. Refer to past correspondences. Finally, if you have done several interviews or had several conversations with the company, you can refer to those other correspondences in your interview. Referring to past conversations is a great way to show your interest, but it should never be used to avoid answering a question. Doing this not only confirms your interest in the company but also shows that you can facilitate discussions, which is an asset to a company looking for a leader.

The bottom line when it comes to applying for executive positions is that employers are looking for more than just experience and knowledge. When it comes to hiring senior-level employees, they are looking for someone who can fit with the team and improve the company. These five tips will help you stand out from your competition.

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