Attention Women Leaders at the Director Level and Above: 
Tired of feeling stuck or sidelined in your role? Reclaim your power and confidently take control of your career. Now’s your time…

Finding a new role doesn’t have to mean confusion, overwhelm, and compromises. Your intentional job search journey for a role you DESERVE starts here. 

You’re not just an employee. 
You’re a million dollar asset.

You deserve a job where you’re seen, celebrated, and compensated beyond your wildest dreams …even if you don’t have a viral personal brand yet, think transactional networking isn’t your jam, or are unsure whether your past achievements count for your next chapter (spoiler alert: they do).


BossmakeHer exists to smash systemic barriers and level the playing field for ambitious women in corporate.

We’re the ONLY all-inclusive platform for women that provides holistic career coaching and a high-caliber community to support your next priceless power move.

If you’re looking for clarity on your next steps, personalized job search guidance, and powerful conversations that open doors – welcome, you’re in the right place.


This Can Be Your New Reality

Imagine a job where you’re valued, have work life balance, and able to make an impact without being mansplained

This doesn’t have to be an urban legend

In your next chapter, money and title are very important - but you also you want to feel like your full potential is being utilized - without feeling burnt out.

Your sense of identity is wrapped up in your job - you want an opportunity to nurture talent and be proud of both the work you do and the organization you represent.

You want to start and end each day with a desire for the next rather than a plan for navigating the toxicity and a need to wash off the grime at days’ end.

We Totally Get It

You’re tired of vague advice like “just network more” and you’re probably thinking…

  • How do I get around HR firewalls and convince them to consider me as a candidate? I’m not sure if my applications are even getting read.

  • I’m a strong leader, great communicator, and have diverse experiences – what’s the best way to communicate transferable skills when trying to shift industries at this level?

  • I have no idea where to pivot or what’s out there outside my small industry – I’ve always gotten jobs in the past because I know someone.

  • I’m not sure who I’m up against: younger and less experienced people ready to do more for less pay, or experienced individuals like me who seem “smarter, better, more deserving.”

  • Nobody will tell you their company culture is toxic – how do I spot the signs and figure it out proactively?

  • Networking feels like a scary concept  – how do I make it an efficient, win-win process?

  • I’m getting ghosted by interviewers – it’s so unprofessional – but what am I missing here?

  • I feel pressured to say yes to the first offer, but I know I deserve better…how do I stay in control during this nerve wracking negotiation process?

As we see it, there are 4 problems standing in your way:

You’ve rewritten your resume many times. You’re reaching out to your network. You’re applying on company websites – but it feels like you’re shouting into the void.

You’re not finding positions that match your experience. And when you do, without a connection at the company for a VP+ role, you’re struggling to stand out and land an interview.

The game’s changed since you last hunted for a job – and talking about your educational background or years of experience just won’t make the mark. A magnetic personal brand is the missing piece – but right now, it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees. 

Relying on makeshift solutions is costing you big. You’ve probably hired a career coach, joined peer networking groups, or worked with a resume writer – but you’ve realized these are just scratching the surface – not cracking the code for you. 


In BossmakeHer, you get the full playbook that prepares you for everything on your job search journey

Take what you need or immerse yourself in the whole experience – it’s designed to help you win either way

Get a clear road map and expert guidance

Don’t let uncertainty cloud your path. Whether you want to start a new job search or revive a stalled one, we’ll meet you with a plan and tools to stay motivated and accountable.

Feel safe and supported all the way

The job search is about far more than a resume, especially as a woman. Take advantage of dedicated guest expert coaching sessions on navigating workplace safety, workplace trauma, and emotional processing as a leader as well to find answers to common questions.

Quit settling - make bank with your brilliance

Show up for interviews confidently and negotiate from a place of power - we’ll support you every step of the way. With us, you're not just saying "yes" to a role - you're securing what you deserve.

Become impossible to ignore

Applying for a job in the open market as an “employee” can be limiting for your next level - it’s time to show up as a visionary business partner instead of “just a candidate.” We partner with you to package up your experience, skills, and unique viewpoints into a highly marketable personal brand that gets noticed by the right companies and for the right roles.

Don’t just search for a job - dominate the game

Let’s ditch the spray and pray approach. We guide you to shortlist companies, make strategic introductions, run LinkedIn networking campaigns, and help you apply for roles that match your values as well as lifestyle and salary expectations.​


This is a community of peers who are on the same journey as you. Here you can ask for advice, offer solutions, or get support any time you feel stuck or challenged on your job search journey.

we’re ready to meet you where you are

Equitable pricing tiers and payment plans so you can shift from dreaming to taking intentional action




Personalized job search road map

Group coaching and Q&A on:
LinkedIn Strategies
Emotional Processing
Strengths & Confidence
EQ / Impact & Influence 
Powerful Communication

Guest expert sessions

Interviewing and Negotiation support

Resume makeover

LinkedIn makeover

Networking campaign accelerator

Leveling up isn’t a solo sport - ready to get coached by the best?

You get our combined expertise tailored to your needs

We’re a team of veteran recruiters, personal brand strategists, DEI consultants, mindset coaches, LinkedIn strategists, job interview consultants, and workplace trauma guides. 

We’re here to stand behind you as you make your next power move. 

Experts for Every Aspect of Your Search

Get coached by only the best and uncover the most LEVERAGED and impactful actions you need to take to reach your goals


Senior Executive Search Strategist

Executive Coach / EQ / Impact


Emotional Processing



LinkedIn Optimization

Interviewing & Accountability



You don’t have to “do more” to succeed. When you partner with us, ONE connection – ONE conversation – can change your life

The BossmakeHer Manifesto

Say it with us:

“This isn’t just a job search journey – it’s a quest to find my power.”

“I am in control of my financial destiny, and my next role will honor that.”

“I have everything I need to go from feeling invisible to becoming unstoppable.”

“My story and skills matter. I’m the game-changer my dream company is looking for.” 

“I’m not just a candidate – I’m a strategic, business boosting investment for the right company.”

“I am always exactly where I need to be – every “no” brings me a step closer to the “yes” that changes everything.”

“The odds are stacked against me with many external barriers – but I don’t have to wait for the system to change. I can act NOW and take back control.”

This could be you in the BossmakeHer Collective:

  • You wake up each morning with a clear vision. You know what your next role should be. Gone are the days of endless scrolling on job portals

  • All your experiences, the diverse skills you’ve accumulated, they’re now beautifully packaged into a highly marketable personal brand that gets noticed

  • That dream job listing that you were second guessing? You reach for it, knowing that even if it’s not a 100% match, your competitive edge can bridge that gap

  • Resignation isn’t a messy breakup but a graceful farewell, leaving doors open for future possibilities

  • In the occasional moments of doubt, you’re not sinking in self-blame. With the support of  BossmakeHer coaches and your peers, you’re learning, adapting, and marching forward

  • Even during the taxing phases of job hunting, or if burnout shadows you in your new role, you have a toolkit, strategies, and a support system to lean on and learn from

  • Interviews? They’re no longer nerve-wracking interrogations but engaging conversations. You’re not just answering questions –  you’re captivating rooms

  • And that offer letter? It doesn’t make you wince or second-guess. You confidently negotiate, ensuring you get paid for what you bring to the table

looks like this

not this

Holistic approach

One-dimensional support

Strategic and streamlined with a clear, custom road map

Scattered efforts with no clear goal

Targeted connections

Applying everywhere - hoping something sticks

Leading with your competitive edge

Generic resume and LinkedIn profiles

Tailored interview prep for each role

One-size-fits-all interview prep

Negotiating from a place of power

Accepting any offer that comes your way out of desperation

BossmakeHer is perfect for you if:

  • You’re an action-taker: You’ve climbed the corporate ladder by consistently showing up for yourself and pushing boundaries – and you’re ready to go ALL in for this next chapter

  • You realize you’ve been getting in your own way: And you’re ready to confront your unconscious patterns as well as learn how to navigate systemic barriers without feeling defeated

  • You want both momentum and ease: You’re already juggling enough – and you understand the value of precise and impactful support tailored to you to elevate you to that next level

  • Adaptability is your superpower: You realize this is a marathon – not a sprint. And you’re ready to be open-minded, flexible, and trust the process

  • You are solutions-focused: Even when the going gets tough, you invest energy into overcoming challenges rather than focusing on setbacks

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested! What's the next step?

Fantastic! Click on the “Book your consult call” button to schedule a time with our team and get started on your career-accelerating journey.

Do you cater to specific industries or roles?

We specialize in assisting women at the Director level and above however we’re industry agnostic. Our primary goal is to elevate your competitive edge, irrespective of the sector.

Is BossmakeHer a networking group?

Peer support and networking is just ONE part of what we offer. We’re a strategic platform blending elite career coaching, personal branding expertise, Linkedin and resume makeovers, strategic industry introductions, interview + negotiation support, and more – all tailored to accelerate your career trajectory.

I’ve had a long career break. Can BossmakeHer still help me?

Absolutely! We understand that career paths aren’t always linear. Our team specializes in positioning career breaks as strengths and showcasing the diverse skills you bring to the table.

What kind of time commitment is required from my end?

The BossmakeHer program is designed for busy professionals. While the exact time commitment can vary based on individual goals and pace, we strive to make the process as streamlined and efficient as possible, respecting your time and life commitments.

You’re not just changing jobs - you’re transforming your life

Partner with us to confidently claim the spotlight and change the trajectory of your career – and life. 



Ang is a highly sought after human capital leader with expertise in multiple areas including conscious leadership development, executive search, business operations, and human behavioral assessment. With over 25 years of experience, she has worked with a range of clients including global Fortune 500 organizations, and professional service firms. Her background includes leading major divisions and lines of business in corporate environments as well.

Ang’s approach is uncommon in that she blends psychology, spirituality, and business in her work. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Social Sciences, she brings a deep understanding of human behavior to her coaching methodology. This allows her to guide corporate clients to develop the conscious leadership skills and mindset needed to succeed with their businesses, teams and stakeholders.


Executive coach

As an Executive coach, leadership specialist, master facilitator, and speaker, Teresa Quinlan is an advocate for exceptional performance that is a direct result of each individual knowing how to be personally responsible for using their attributes, their IQ, and most importantly, their EQ, in reaching their highest potential and applying that potential to a collective goal. Drawing from a cultivated a rich and diverse set of experiences and skills, Teresa launched her my practice IQEQTQ, to coach, mentor, and train others to achieve a foundation of emotional intelligence skills through thought-provoking thinking sessions, workshop experiences, and 1:1 personal coaching.Her approach is compassionate and firm; encouraging a depth of personal exploration, creativity for innovative and effective solutions, and a long-lasting impact that goes beyond the moment and extends into the future. It is within these moments that powerful growth occurs, and new habits emerge that forever alter the future.



Trauma and Psychological Safety Expert Melissa Lapides is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Trauma and Attachment expert and Founder of The SafeSpace Institute. Melissa has worked with hundreds of executives and is an exclusive BossmakeHer expert for our cohort members.

By using her proprietary SAFE Methodology, Melissa helps women to heal their personal and professional relationships and ensure they are leading without perpetuating trauma. Melissa leverages over 15+ years of experience in teaching psychological principles for optimal mental and organizational wellness.



Audra is a personal branding expert and copywriter who helps high-caliber women like you build a stand-out brand on LinkedIn. She works with you as a thought partner to give your LinkedIn profile the ultimate, extreme makeover that exudes credibility and connection.



Hannah provides ambitious professionals with help and hope as they look for new opportunities and maneuver through today’s unfamiliar job search process.