Catalyzing Powerful Career Moves for Accomplished Women in Leadership

BossmakeHer is an evolutionary career shifting experience that enables executive women from the Director level to the C-Suite to make life-changing career moves in groundbreaking ways.

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Welcome to the career shifting experience that guarantees women — Director-level to the C-Suite —
break through barriers and make the
career moves they want and deserve.

No more aimless virtual conferences, application tracking systems, or mindless conversations with recruiters that never go anywhere.

Say Goodbye to Job Boards

<1% of hires above $200k are made through applications

That’s not good enough. Take advantage of direct access to exclusive jobs and networking opportunities so you can skip the applications and have conversations instead.

Know Exactly What to Do

With a proven step-by-step process that works

End job search confusion and paralysis through a proven step by step process that shows you exactly what to do and how to do it, so you can save precious time and achieve real results. Created and led by our Founder, Tracy Saunders. 

Renew Your Confidence

Because you probably haven't looked in 10 years

Women work, men network. That’s why this can feel hard if you’ve always been recruited.  BossmakeHer is for women ready to tackle their fears and restored confidence so they can make powerful moves with ease and  more control.

Private Community

Step into our premier custom network of powerhouses

Welcome to the only career exploration community for women in leadership, one that is highly confidential and fiercely protected. BossmakeHer is for action-takers and achievers who know they deserve more and are ready to go after it or want to help others do the same.

BossmakeHer opened my eyes to a number of unadvertised roles in the market. By leveraging their networking offer, I talked to several companies that had roles they were "secretly" recruiting for. Getting my foot in the door early allowed me to shape the roles to include the seniority and responsibilities that I wanted. BossMakeHer put me in a position where I had the opportunity to be the shot-caller and ended up with several offers.

Bossmakeher offers resources and networking unlike anything in the market.

Today, only 26% of leadership roles are held by women – no matter how educated or qualified they are.

We're changing all of that...


Skip the social clubs. Can the conferences.
Now there's a better way to achieve a role you desire and deserve.

1. Connect

Join other powerhouses who receive our insights and have access to our private forum, newest features, members, and connectors.

2. Explore

Leave the generic advice, mid-level recruiters, and the masses behind. Our resources, experts, and opportunities are customized for Director and VP-level women.

3. Accelerate

Exclusively for diverse and accomplished female leaders who want to explore, uplevel, and own their worth at work. Improve your life or change the world — it all starts here.

Meet Tracy Saunders

Founder and Chief BossmakeHer

Shattering Ceilings, Breaking Barriers

I learned firsthand the system wasn’t designed for women like us so I decided to change it. —Tracy Saunders, CEO

As the industry’s leading job search strategist for women, published author, and 20-year veteran recruiter, Tracy Saunders left her corporate career as an executive recruiter for top companies like Amazon, Google, and Cisco, to found BossmakeHer — a new sphere of influence for women that enables powerful career moves. 

I’ve worked with HUNDREDS of women in leadership at the world’s top companies — brilliant women who run billion-dollar portfolios all of whom share the same fears and concerns as you. We designed BossmakeHer to change the game for women who are ready to take action, own their story, and stop settling. Our goal is to give you, as a woman, a unique advantage over millions of others without all the noise. And to help high-achieving women overcome the internal and external barriers that are holding you back. Whether you’re exploring or actively looking, I want you to know what to do and when to do it, so you can land a job you love and earn the pay and respect you truly deserve.


We believe in intros, not applications.

Our cohort members and decision-makers work at these companies.

See all jobs and networking opportunities.


Now it's time to make your move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our network is created specifically to support women from the Director-level to the C-Suite who are ready to stop settling in their careers and want tactical results driven support and tools to make a priceless, intentional move. 

Because we are highly selective about who we work with, we only invite women who we feel confident can and will succeed through this process. Our reputation and your success are of the utmost importance as well as creating a high-quality customized experience for every client.

BossmakeHer was founded by a former executive recruiter who spent her life experiencing first hand what women grapple with at the top.

Today, Bossmakeher helps women in leadership explore what’s possible in their careers, to move beyond the old boys club systems and give women clarity, confidence, and a competitive advantage to achieve their goals…

Unlike career coaches, membership sites, and job boards, we focus specifically on the personal needs and goals of brilliant, high-achieving women and help them reach them, EVERY DAY.

So whether you want to get intentional about a possible next step in the next 3 – 12 months,

position yourself for your highest value in the market,

or simply are ready to stop settling for a role that doesn’t fulfill you,

that’s what we’re here for.

BossmakeHer is industry agnostic. We help women in all industries make powerful moves. 

While we have extensive networking connections – this isn’t about our network, it’s all about your new one. We offer a proprietary tool that extends your existing network and introduces you to aligned executives and headhunters that have the hidden roles you won’t find otherwise.

Actually, quite the opposite. Headhunting agencies serve their company and their client company first. Often the challenge is that working with a headhunter is all about their immediate roles. We help you prepare to go to market and extend your executive connections at volume. It’s really all about what YOU need.


No risk, all reward.

Receive hidden executive job leads
you can't find anywhere else from companies who recognize your value. When you subscribe you'll also receive private priority matching by our team.

Your information will be kept completely confidential.