BossmakeHer Founder Featured in USA Today’s “Ahead of the Game: The Top Coaches and Consultants of 2023”

Ahead of the Game: The Top Coaches and Consultants of 2023

Welcome to a masterclass in excellence led by the architects of tomorrow’s landscape.

Companies with diverse gender leadership consistently outperform others. In fact, the research underscores this profitability edge. However, many high-ranking women still feel undervalued in their roles. Boasting over two decades of elite recruitment for Amazon, Cisco, and Google, Tracy Saunders recognized this issue. To bridge this gap, she introduced BossmakeHer—a unique platform crafted especially for women leaders, from Director roles to the C-suite. Beyond just job matching, BossmakeHer offers a comprehensive, holistic experience, enabling women to navigate their careers with unparalleled confidence and insight. Saunders firmly believes, “It’s time we redefine loyalty; women shouldn’t be tethered to underappreciated roles.” Her vision? Propel women into positions that truly celebrate their value. 

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