In the Press: Siemens Partners with BossmakeHer to Hire More Women at the Top

BossmakeHer, the emerging network that confidentially connects executive women with top companies, today announced their partnership with the global technology powerhouse Siemens Corporation. 

BossmakeHer operates a referral network that allows passive and active talent from the Director level and above to confidentially explore opportunities. It is well known that over 80% of top hires are made by referrals and more than 15 million jobs go unposted each year. BossmakerHer creates a connection point that provides women and companies with low risk but meaningful access to one another.

This revolutionary offering is made possible by circumventing traditional retained search methodology in favor of a more network based approach. BossmakeHer has teamed up with Siemens in the US to help the Fortune Global 500 company bring a wider array of gender-diverse talent to its leadership positions. 

Diane Circo, head of US Talent Acquisition at Siemens comments: “At Siemens, we recognize that diversity is one of the most important drivers of innovation, and it’s this innovation that enables us to continue supporting our customers and the industries that form the backbone of the economy.  Diversifying our talent pools is advanced by having the right partners.  Not only will BossmakeHer help us identify and place transformative leaders, but this collaboration will also provide us with market insights that we wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere, bringing a fresh and innovative approach to diversifying our talent pools.”

Tracy Saunders, CEO of BossmakeHer says “We are very excited about partnering with Siemens on its efforts to diversify its talent pool for critical leadership roles. Siemens is seeking to reach women in a different way, and to do that it’s necessary to step outside of the box. Siemens knows that using the same tactics and the same partners yields the same results, and we’re thrilled to help them achieve their diversity and talent acquisition goals.” 

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